about me

I am an architect and a UI/Digital designer based in Amman

I design things. and by things I mean, unique, creative things from Branding to User interface for apps and websites. I am very detail-orientated. My designs are high-end, sophisticated, innovative and professional with just a small touch of  elegant quirkiness. When I’m not working as a senior UI designer for Appslab, you’ll find me playing some pool or binge watching TV shows. 


Designer Reem

UI design
Digital Design
Branding and Logos
Web design
Art & illustration
Screaming at computer


Architect Reem

Medical Architecture
Urban Architecture
Concept design


Random Facts

Huge Game of Thrones fan
I choreograph dance routines- for myself 
I love Rock ‘n roll 
Dream Job: Google
I communicate in 4 languages (Arabic/English/German and High Valyrian)

Movie Guru

Programs I know how to use

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Muse

Microsoft office (Who doesn’t know how to use that!)